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I believe that every person has the right to understand their bodies and to learn how to process their human experience.


No-one should be left feeling like they are overwhelmed by their lives both internal and external. Every person deserves to have a guide and an open minded approach to their well-being.


I am passionate and committed to looking after the wonderful, magical, imaginative world of creatives. Those sparks of light that sometimes need to process and understand that they are unique but also, just human


I am passionate about caring for the creative minds of performers and particularly in working to help you to manage and cope better with stress and the effects it has on the body and mind.


I've been a Life Coach (L4) for 7 years and after experiencing mental and physical burnout myself I trained to gain my certificate in counselling skills (L2) and am currently studying for my Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (L5).


I can help you to work through areas of your professional and personal life to discover where you might like to make changes. I can help you set and achieve goals. I can help you to move beyond your thoughts and once you've processed, into a life of action.


Performers who.....


  • have audition and performance anxiety

  • who's well-being is suffering.

  • who feel stuck.

  • who want to accelerate their career.

  • who want to set up a business.

  • who are parents and need to manage the juggle.

  • want acting and vocal tuition

  • are at vocational schools

  • are in local performing arts schools

  • need someone to guide them through the magical world of showbiz with a fresh perspective and tools.


Performers are my people and I understand how unique you are. Every single one of you I work with, I also learn something from. We are all learning and making the best of our time in and out of the spotlight.

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