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As well as working in the Theatre industry for over 17 years on the West End and all over the world I am an accredited Life Coach (Accredited Coach Dip) and certified in Counselling skills (NCFE Level 2) and I am currently studying for my Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Ofqual Level 5) with the Institute of Counselling and Glasgow Caledonian University.

I am passionate about caring for the creative minds of performers and particularly in working to help them to manage and cope better with stress and the effects it has on the body and mind.


I work with performers on a one-to-one basis either online or in-person. I also run workshops at colleges and Schools across the country including Italia Conti, Arts Ed, Midlands Academy of Musical Theatre, MADD, SLP College, The Hammond, Stage Box and more.


The emphasis is awareness of your own mental wellbeing using mindfulness, CBT and NLP techniques to challenge habits that are no longer serving you.





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